Free Your Brand: Unleash Authenticity, Authority, and Magnetism Through Your Mission

Transform Your Business into a Unique and Compelling Brand That Makes You Different and Irresistible

You are an innovative genius, and your business shouldn’t feel like one of many. It’s a one-of-one business, but we have to bring it out to attract customers who are looking for you. It’s time for you to stop being the best-kept secret! I know you’ve been unsure of how to package and project what makes your business special among your competitors, and I want to help you make space between yourself and the other guys. Most brand advice will tell you to know your customer and always give them what they want, but that form of branding will leave you tired, burnt out, and searching for identity as you drown in what others want you to be, never surfacing to give them who you are and meeting them at the intersection of their aspirations, and your unique experiences and approach will get them there while you feel fulfilled in the work that you are doing.

This approach allows you to integrate your humanity into the business to create a brand built on integrity.

As a corporate or organizational alum (or aspiring alum), you’ve been in spaces that didn’t welcome or encourage your wholeness. Why are you building a business carrying the same bondage to the status quo (made for and by someone who didn’t experience the world how you do)?

Get free, sis!

Historically excluded women have been shamed and devalued into silence. They are heroes to many but are not treated or paid as such. For this reason, so many have left their jobs – where the expectation is to be super and then later blamed for not asking for more – to begin their own ventures. Now that it’s time for you to speak, maybe you’re out of practice or have never learned how to brag about and own how great you are.

This isn’t just about feelings; it’s about making income and impact to change your business, life, and future.

Let’s Fix That.

In this One-on-One Session, we will define, refine, or refresh your brand messaging and get crystal clear on what makes you a unique must-have for your audience. We’ll help you sound like yourself, not a corporate robot or internet stranger, and stand out as an authority in your field.

Limited Spots Available

To ensure personalized attention and quality results, We can only accept 6 clients per month for our VIP Day.

You’re Nowhere Near Regular!

But you don’t know how to own it and talk about it. Let’s uncover your excellence and communicate it to the world! Go from untapped to unstoppable.

  • Define your Voice, Value, Message, and Story
  • Get Clear and Focused On Your Dream Client.
  • Position Yourself To Be Magnetic
  • Become The Undeniable Choice.

The Result?

A Cohesive Brand That Feels Authentic To You and Compelling To Your Audience.

  • No more clueless content; have a clear idea and confident messaging for what to write and how to plan ahead
  • Attract customers who get it, love it and want more of it
  • Clarity to get faster trust, commitment and long term loyalty
  • Raise your confidence, convery how amazing you are to build your brand esteem.
  • Make it becomes bigger than the business and align your brand closer to your customer’s aspirations
  • Have a base document that defines your impact and works in your business for years to come as a strategic guide for growth.
  • Define your brand growth and future business expansion

Who is This For? She is…

  • Ready to stop hustling and begin projecting and operating in wholeness.
  • An early stage entrepreneurs with paying customers who is ready to grow and build a real business
  • The woman who has felt stifled professionally and wants to build and grow impact and legacy.
  • The woman willing to explore what life is like beyond the status quo.
  • The woman who is ready to feel the fear of challenge and use care to push through.
  • Leans away from envy into inspiration.
  • Ready to keep growing with purpose.

Who is This NOT For?

  • People who want overnight success.
  • Those that think that soft life is given and not created and sustained.
  • Those that want to blame others for what they don’t have.
  • Those unwilling to question or challenge their own thoughts and behaviors.


Studies show that businesses who brand themselves increase revenue by 23%.

How Does Your VIP Day Work?

  • Before The Session:
    • Once you’ve made your investment, you’ll receive a questionnaire with brand development questions to fill out.”
  • Schedule Your Session:
    • Pick a day when you feel you can really commit to the process.”
  • Pre-Session Preparation:
    • Before your session, the Wintentional team will create preliminary messaging for your brand.”
  • Our Session:
    • Grab your coffee, water, and snacks; we’re going in! We finalize your messaging during our session and get you ready to go!
  • Deliverables:
    • Your unique value proposition and positioning.
    • The story to make your audience understand and take action.
    • Your quick-start brand guide

Be Known, Heard, and Loved!

That dream client can’t fall in love with the real you if you don’t show up as yourself!

Invest in Your [Business’s] Future

The $2500 investment in your VIP Day is a strategic move to build a system that will create a compelling and authentic brand. By attracting the right clients and making the right offers, you’ll attract the right clients, differentiate yourself from competitors and increase your business’s profitability and value. This will lead to predictable cash flow, making it easier to plan for growth and scale.