Sis, you need community for the climb, and I’ve built one for you!

For all of the hummingbirds – whether you are learning how to fly, taking a step back or on the move forward, this group is for you!

The Busy Girls’ Brunch is a private community born out of my entrepreneurship, being busy, and not being able to connect with friends as I had before. The community has grown to be all about networking, education, celebration, and affirmation as we grow individually and together. The community is an online and in-person group gathering for events for good times, connection, and learning. Join The Busy Girls’ Brunch today; let us know what you’re doing and how we can support you!

Despite being seemingly impossible, hummingbirds can fly and can even fly backward. They are fiercely independent, but when they are together, they are called a glittering. Women in business are like hummingbirds – the odds are stacked against you; you may even feel small sometimes in a big world, moving with committed vigor with your heart beating a million miles a minute, knowing that your independent dedication to your craft and even your ability to take a progressive step back make yourself, your work, and the group shine brighter together.

You are Possible, and We can’t wait to shine with you!