How It Happens is the series about women founders working in wholehearted alignment with their mission to create amazing businesses and brands in their own out-of-the-box way.

“If you’re always stuck in the same financial place, perhaps it’s time to change your financial pace”.

Kellè E. Thorpe

Intro: I had the pleasure of speaking with Kellè Thorpe and learning more about her business Kommas with Kellè, formerly known as Assemblage Assets. While she is currently going through a rebrand, I did want to share my initial impression of how she is living her mission through the work she is doing and also have you keep an eye out for what she has next. We often talk about business from the marketing or operation perspective, but Kellè wants you to be aware and judicious about your financial picture and how it looks to grow your business and really understand your numbers. Her company is excited and more than capable of helping you realize your financial potential. Kommas with Kellè helps you lay your current foundation and walk through your current finances, infrastructure, access workflow, management, policies, and procedures. She then helps you strategize how to maximize your potential through innovation and streamlining. Kommas with Kellè is instrumental in implementing innovative tools into your business and seamlessly making your company more efficient.

This company has worked with companies in entertainment, landscaping, childcare, and housekeeping, to name a few. Kommas with Kellè can literally help anyone reach their financial potential.

About the founder: Kellè is your Fractional CFO, C-Suite advisor, and business strategist! She is passionate about serving entrepreneurs and senior-level corporate executives, curious about how to tap into their vision, helping them to learn the story behind their numbers, optimize strategy, and show them how to spend to drive up revenue.

She spent almost 20 years of her career working in varying administrative and accounting roles at top American Lawyer 100 law firms ranging from $7M to $2B in revenue. While in those roles, she raised her family, attended college online, earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration & Accounting, and worked her way up from an Accounting Clerk to Chief Administrative Officer. 

Who are the people behind the business: Kellè Thorpe, of course. Kommas with Kellè is compromised of financial experts that are the bosses in their industry. Even though they work remotely, the team operates efficiently and cohesively together to provide financial services and support.

The audience: Founders looking to strategically elevate their earning potential and cross over the 7-figure mark and beyond. Kommas with Kellè can adapt to help anyone from any industry. If you are looking to understand your financial picture, Kommas with Kellè is the company for you. Not only do they help you, they teach you along the way what works and doesn’t work for your business. 

Key Phrases: Kellè likes her Ks, and we love them too. The company’s 5k core values are Kulture, Kollaboration, Kompliance, Konfidence, and Klarification.

The differentiator – What are they really selling?:  Kellè is a financial expert who has seen so many different facets of how money can be used to grow a business and has insights on the best ways to use and manage it for your goals. She is really selling the possibility of reaching your financial potential while educating yourself as well. She is also selling the opportunity to elevate and transform your business while also transforming your finances.

How does it make money?  Purchasable templates, developing business strategies, accounting and bookkeeping services, diversity & inclusion consulting, notary services, and virtual CFO services. Whatever you need, Kellè has you covered!

Why do I love this brand, and what do I see for it in the future? I love this brand because it is made extremely clear through their values, services, and Kellè’s personal story that your company’s success is the top priority. I love that this brand treats their clients’ business as if it were their own. They are both excited and eager to see your business succeed while also educating you along the way. How often do we feel like a number when we’re receiving services from a company? Kommas with Kellè provides value, integrity, expertise, knowledge, and so much more to their clients. You leave with clarity and peace of mind after working with them.

Keep flourishing, sis!

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