How It Happens is the series about women founders working in wholehearted alignment with their mission to create amazing businesses and brands in their own out-of-the-box way.

I build things, brand things, and better things

Alexandra Poelstra

All Maven Enterprise is a collection of companies dedicated to building brands, better businesses, and fixing all the things! The company we’ll focus on today is Lex Jameson Creative – a full-scale creative agency that will help find solutions to the many problems that can come up while running your business. Whether it’s revamping your brand, content creation, or email marketing, LJC can do it all. They help organizations and people conquer whatever is keeping them from maximum potential, efficiency, impact, and profit.

All Maven’s CEO, Alexandra Poelstra, loves teaching and speaking to audiences on various topics while bringing unparalleled character, perspective, and enthusiasm to the stage. In addition to corporate ventures, she is also an instructor at SCORE, Chambers, and other entities. She’s very much a part of the start-up scene as the Director of Startup Grind Colorado Springs and Startup Grind Carlsbad. She also participates on the Board of Directors for the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce.

About the founder: Alex is a CEO & self-proclaimed Executive of Things and has set herself up to seek limitless possibilities. She believes that no matter the circumstances she may find herself in, the world remains open to her as long as she is willing to put in the work to learn and create something new and needed. Her mind is always moving, and she’s ready to take on challenges and create solutions. As an ADHD/mom-preneuer, and a lover of technology, she has more ideas than you’ll ever see but has mastered a level of focus that makes it possible to bring many of those visions to fruition. While her original career and education path, including a stint in filmmaking, changed three times and was paused due to becoming a young mother, she knew that he ability to create would open doors and create pathways for her. She was a single mother when the dream started to sprout in her mind, not yet fully independent but developing a clear pathway to freedom – the ability to choose what to do with her time, energy, and resources – and she recognized that she had to be able to build something that had expansion potential that would be lucrative, creative and not take her away from her then one son. She saw that everyone needed the creative aspect of business to properly capture and communicate what they are trying to convey to their audience and worked to become the difference maker for them.

She’s a kind spirit and an advocate for people learning how to be in business, but that doesn’t mean she will be pushed over or removed from her goals. I personally admire her resolve and understanding of what it takes to create success and how she works to put people around herself that can make the impossible possible for her clients and the things she is working on. She helps organizations and people conquer whatever is keeping them from maximum potential, efficiency, impact, and profit. She is also a master problem solver, speaker, consultant, and monsterprenuer. She is the true definition of Maven!

The Mission/Promise – The LJC promise is We craft marvelous, bold brands for extraordinary visionaries and teach others to do the same. The word usage is very punchy with words like marvelous, bold, and extraordinary this is something that has to show up in the energy of the business and the way things are operated. Alex is serious about her deliverables and her process and works hard to stand on this process, especially as the brand expands beyond herself as the one doing the work and having interactions with customers into the work of her employees.

The People That Make It Happen: She has a mix of employees and contractors responsible for design and illustration; web design and digital media; corporate, community, and client relations; social media content manager; sales, administration, and support. And more depending on the need of the project, she may bring in additional contractors in order to make the marvelous happen.

The differentiator – What are they really selling?: If you couldn’t tell, the Maven is selling efficiency and solutions and giving organizations their time back. Giving your business and brand tips to create an overall better experience for yourself and your customers is also something that comes along naturally while working with The Maven. Can you imagine having all of your toughest problems solved and learning how to better your business along the way? Not many businesses do this, and I love that it’s something that Alex and her team bring to the table.

The audience: According to the site, They can design almost anything, for any brand, in any industry. Organizations and individuals needing help meeting their maximum potential are key clients. If you are of the mindset that all of your business will come from the internet, this hard position to take, but if you committed to creating a funnel through your presence, relationships, and referrals, this is wholly possible, and because of the level of clients they are taking on, this is very lucrative and smart. This is more about growth through influence than it is about scale. Alex is present in her community through the Chamber of Commerce, Score, StartupGrind, and more. She uses these opportunities to project authority in her industry, making it possible for a variety of businesses to interact with her directly and be able to see themselves through the lens of working with LJC.

How does it make money? Through speaking engagements, business consultations, brand design, and workshops that help entrepreneurs boost their businesses and brand.

Why do I love this brand, and what do I see for it in the future? As a member of the former young single mom club, I’m proud of Alex and the work that she does, but most importantly, the fact that she had the faith to create the inner space to dream. It’s not easy to see a new life when the one you are living is not ideal, but there are some people who know that they are not their circumstances and can choose to sink, float or rise. Alex has chosen to rise. She puts herself into her work, and it shows. There’s a bouncy nature to it all, but there is a seriousness in her tone when it comes to delivering on whatever she’s promised. She is wholly herself, and it’s inspiring to see her live out her mission in her work. I love this brand because it brings you solutions. It thinks outside the box when it comes to solving your business and branding needs. Most of all, I love Alex! Her ability to see beyond obstacles translates into insightful expertise and love for what she does. The confidence she brings to her business shows in the services she provides for organizations and individuals seeking her help. I see The Maven expanding well beyond its scope of clients now and blessing us all with more services in the future. I see even more elevation and growth for The Maven in the future.

I appreciate all of your work, sis! You’re amazing.

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