How It Happens is the series about women founders working in wholehearted alignment with their mission to create amazing businesses and brands in their own out-of-the-box way.

“In order to be a better businesswoman, you don’t need school. You’re going to learn more about business by doing business.”

Kristi Jackson-Muhammad

Intro: Women CEO Project is an international resource hub for women looking to grow their businesses to 7 figures. Founded in 2010, WCP works with current and aspiring coaches and service professionals on crafting profitable business development initiatives, a focused sales strategy, and a results-orientated online marketing plan. 

This company has worked with, reached, impacted, taught, and coached OVER 300,000 entrepreneurs globally through Women CEO Project’s conferences, digital products, books, private and group coaching, and a 30-city global tour.

About the founder

Looking for ways to garner a practical business education for her real estate business, Kristi went to various business organizations and chambers of commerce to get the education she needed. What she found were cliques and promotional pitches sold as business learning opportunities. No more! She went home and started Women CEO Project with a Meetup page. First, the offering was a platform for other speakers that she invited to teach women, but her coach encouraged her to use her practical knowledge to coach others. There was no perfect time to do this, and she’s adamant about telling her clients that. When her business began, her mother had recently been diagnosed with brain cancer, she was a broker in the middle of training her new realtors and had just moved into a new office. “When you’re determined to make something work, you’ll make it work,” she says.

Often clad in bright colors, Kristi L. Jackson Muhammed is described as the coach’s coach, but she’s more than that – she’s a real estate professional, the owner of a trucking company and an award-winning White House Recognized Innovator & Entrepreneur. A realtor for five years with a computer science degree and an MBA with a specialization in international business and marketing. When you are in real estate, especially at the time when Kristi started, you have to be a pound-the-pavement person. What you got was truly what you earned. Kristi uses her experience, resources, classes, and candor to help women build profitable businesses quickly with little nonsense and a lot of courage. She’s serious about her business and wants you to be too.

Who are the people: While she is the face and the operator of her business, she is always happy to use her audience as contractors and works with a number of virtual assistants for operations management, potential client research, and more. 

The audience: It says it in the name – women. She calls herself the coach’s coach, but she also works with other service and product-based entrepreneurs as well. Ultimately, it’s more of a psychographic than it is demographic – are the people ready to uplevel their skills, ideas, and execution? She seems to lean into the idea of not being fearful and just doing things that you learn instead of holding the information. So, in the same way, her coach helped her overcome her fear of scaling, she works to do the same with a belief-filled nudge – but she won’t chase you. She’s going to drop the gems and ops, and it’s up to you to pick them up. 

Key Phrases and Group Names: When it comes to building superfans, one of the key tactics is to name your audience. Kristi keeps it simple and calls them CEOs. It’s very simple but empowering because so many women historically wouldn’t have that title.

The differentiator – What are they really selling? She is pink, pretty, and she means business. In a world where people are looking for ways to be less connected, you will find Kristi online and in person hugging every person who walks into the door, greeting people directly by name, and making sure that those who are her people are considered her people. With a soft and sweet “Hey CEOs,” she ignites her superfans to know that they themselves are not just people who have a vision but those involved in the direct execution of the dream. Her no-clique, all-useful education outlook makes her approachable, but her dollar bill boundaries are strong; she won’t let you get the goods that she doesn’t want to give.

How does it make money? Courses and resources, live courses, a membership, live global events. Event partnerships or sponsorships. Her main three offers are the discovery call, the private coaching, or the 4-month group mastermind. The same framework is offered for the private and group.

Why do I love this brand, and what do I see for it in the future?  Kristi is a thinker. With her computer engineering background, I imagine she is a logical pattern-based thinker, envisioning what is possible now and how to work on future creation and eventualities. She can see the pattern of the future because she is working to create them. “I was in real estate before I was in grad school; I learned more hitting the pavement with real estate and just doing to day to day transactions than I am in grad school.” I want to be Kristi when I grow up. She is wholly herself – smart, elegant, and no-nonsense. Her style is to be well educated and active, giving to her people, sharing, and being an impact driver all the time.

I see you, sis! Keep being great! 

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