Toni Moore, Esq., is a force. She is truly a no-nonsense legal diva who is willing to tell you exactly like it is so that you have the best odds of getting what you need from her service and beyond. She’s no stranger to personal struggle or overcoming, and she brings that hope and energy into her work every day to help clients protect their assets, prepare for exits, and go from, as she jokingly says,” broke down, busted, and disgusted” to “being a boss”. Her company, The Moore Legal Firm, helps non-profit leaders and entrepreneurs through expert legal and strategic advice. Her career journey, from overcoming significant adversity to becoming a recognized advocate for non-profit efficacy, highlights her resilience and expertise and serves as a powerful testament to the transformations she facilitates for her clients.

About the Founder

Toni Moore, Esq., specializes in working with non-profits that aspire to create their own profit, own their intellectual property, and establish solid succession plans. She is passionate about helping these organizations succeed in their current endeavors and ensure their work’s longevity and legacy. While she provides invaluable guidance to individuals and business owners in owning their legacies through intellectual property and succession practices, Toni finds her happiest place working with purpose-filled non-profitpreneurs who possess an expansive vision.

The Audience

The core audience consists of non-profit leaders and entrepreneurs beyond their ventures’ foundational stages. These visionaries are chasing financial freedom and organizational effectiveness. They are well aware of the nuances of non-profit operations and seek expert guidance to safeguard and leverage their assets strategically. These individuals are savvy and recognize the potential for profit within the non-profit framework. They are ready to tackle complex compliance, intellectual property, and procurement challenges to scale their efforts and maximize their impact.

The secondary client for Moore Legal firm is the entrepreneur with large vision looking to solidify their ownership of their intellectual property so that they can boss up their brand.

Key Phrases and Group Names

  • Non-profitpreneurs
  • Compliance Mastery
  • Strategic Non-Profit Scaling
  • Empowerment through Education

The Differentiator – What are they really selling?

Toni Moore offers more than legal compliance; she sells education, a way to build a better foundation and the promise of sustainability. Her services ensure that businesses and non-profits survive and thrive by understanding and utilizing financial tools, legal frameworks, and strategic procurement. Toni positions herself as a pivotal resource, transforming leaders into knowledgeable, empowered bosses who own both their brand and their future.

How does it make money?

Revenue is generated through consulting services, specialized legal advice, workshops/courses, resources, templates, and tool kits. These offerings are tailored to deliver high-value strategies and compliance solutions that are otherwise inaccessible due to complexity or cost.

Why do I love this brand, and what do I see for it in the future?

This brand stands out because it understands its niche and passionately advocates for its growth and sustainability. Toni Moore’s personal story resonates with the narrative of overcoming and mastering, which is inspirational and relatable to her clientele. Looking ahead, the brand is poised to become a benchmark for non-profit success, the go-to for organizations expanding their ideas of what it means to serve a community, not from a place of poverty and need but from creation and power through the expansion into more educational products, speaking to larger audiences encouraging others with her expertise and story, and thought leadership in non-profit innovation.

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