Get ready to be inspired and enriched on the next “Maven Mondays” featuring Kemerlin Richards, a seasoned Personal Development Coach with a decade of leadership experience. Kemerlin is on a mission to help women in leadership reprogram their autopilot systems for success, and she’s bringing her remarkable insights to your screens.

About Kemerlin Richards: Armed with a Masters of Public Administration and extensive experience in both the corporate and non-profit sectors, Kemerlin Richards is a true leader in personal development. Her approach to coaching is deeply rooted in her lived experiences, allowing her to connect with clients on a profound level. Kemerlin’s primary focus is empowering women in leadership roles, particularly those in mid to senior-level positions. She possesses a remarkable gift for helping individuals shatter the autopilot narrative, fostering self-awareness and reigniting their deep aspirations.

Topic: Why Women in Leadership Must Reprogram Their Autopilot: During this live interview, Kemerlin Richards will share her expertise on why women in leadership must reprogram their autopilot for success. She’ll delve into her unique ability to make challenges seem possible to conquer, and her coaching style marked by unwavering commitment, vulnerability, and accountability. Kemerlin’s mission is clear: to help women reconnect with themselves and confidently step into their leadership potential.

What to Expect:

  • Insights into reprogramming your autopilot system for success.
  • Strategies to conquer challenges and excel in leadership roles.

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