In this week’s Maven Mondays with Olivia C.S. Thomas in the Busy Girls’ Brunch Facebook group, we were thrilled to welcome a true financial maven, Nishaea Richardson, The Budget Guru! Nishaea is on a mission to help you build a healthier relationship with your money, and this episode is all about mastering money management and achieving financial wellness.

About Nishaea Richardson: Nishaea is not just a financial coach; she’s a seasoned expert who has transformed her own financial struggles into a success story. With over two years of experience, Nishaea has become a powerhouse in the field of financial coaching. She’s worked with hundreds of clients, delivering virtual and in-person coaching through workshops, conferences, and personalized programs. Nishaea’s credentials are impressive, including being a certified Six Sigma Yellow-Belt and completing the Financial Coaching Academy, which is the equivalent of an MBA program for financial coaching. Her dedication to helping high-achieving women master their finances and live richer lifestyles is truly inspirational.

Topic: Money Management and Financial Wellness During this live interview, Nishaea will share her expertise on money management and financial wellness. She’ll discuss the importance of financial literacy, money management strategies, and the mindset required to achieve your financial goals. Nishaea’s motto, “Your self-worth equals your net worth,” is a guiding principle she lives by, and she’s here to help you embrace it too.

What to Expect:

– In-depth insights from Nishaea on transforming your financial habits.

– Practical advice on managing your money effectively and efficiently.

– Strategies to empower high-achieving women to take control of their financial futures.

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Want to learn more about NIshaea and all of the amazing work she’s doing? If you want to work with her, check her out here.

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