2024 is fast approaching and if you haven’t already, it’s time to take a peak at your brand strategy and see if it fits where you are, your ideal audience, and your business goals. 

Your brand strategy is defining and activating the message and platform that allows you to tell the right stories to  give your work meaning, build authority in your area of expertise, and attract the right customers so you can light each other up and become a staple and an easy recommendation for them. It asks and answers why would they work with me and why is my company the one that makes them feel like they can reach their goals? This kind of questioning helps you to create an intentional stratgey allows your business to have personality beyond your solutions. Here’s a short list of things to think about as the new year approaches to get or keep you on the right track:

  1. Alignment Check: Assess whether your platform, mission, vision, values, goals, audience, and promises still resonate with your vision. Ensure that the work remains fulfilling for you and your team, and don’t hesitate to take a break if needed to reinvigorate your perspective.
  2. Audience Insight: Stay attuned to what your audience is currently interested in and how they discuss their problems and goals.
  3. Global Context: Understand the economic and social events shaping the world and determine if your messaging or offers should adapt to address evolving audience or societal needs. Consider if your mission aligns with meaningful economic or social change.
  4. Data Utilization: Analyze how you use data and whether there are alternative ways to position your product or service to better address your clients’ needs and impact on their lives.
  5. Seek Inspiration: Identify individuals or businesses whose success can inspire your own journey.
  6. Leverage AI: Explore the potential of AI tools to enhance and expand your business capabilities. While AI may seem daunting, learning to harness its power can significantly multiply your efforts.
  7. Self-Care and Growth: Embrace self-care and personal growth as essential components of your brand. Authenticity is vital, particularly if you are the face of your business. Decide whether you want to present yourself as your true self or adopt a different persona, and work on defining and practicing what that means.
  8. Marketing Channels: Determine your consistent marketing channels to engage with your audience. Authentic interactions and community building are paramount.
  9. Community Building: Identify where your community can gather and strive to provide them with value, either through your offerings or in collaboration with partners. Partnered packages can be highly effective.
  10. Brand Language: Develop a purposeful brand vocabulary and use it within your community. Language is a powerful tool for conveying your culture and concepts.
  11. Strategic Partnerships: Consider partnering with like-minded individuals, businesses, or even competitors to extend your reach and open up new possibilities for your business.

The most important thing to remember about 2024 is that whatever strategy you decide to use, you have to be consistent to see results and decide if it is for you. There are a lot of new companies popping up daily and the thing that will make you stand out will be your dedication to your craft, messaging, and showing up.

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