Often, those with a gift for helping others or a burning desire to use their gifts to serve find themselves burnt out and unwilling to continue giving. But here’s the thing: the issue isn’t the act of giving or even the people you’re giving to; it’s all about positioning.

Think of your gift, calling, or business (let’s call it GCB) as a fire. It provides light, warmth, and utility for cooking, and it enhances what others bring to the table. Fire, whether on the stove or in the hearth (man, I’m old), is fantastic when it’s in its proper place. We understand its purpose, who it’s for, and how it improves their lives. You don’t go to a stove for much more than what it’s made for. You know this.

But when that same fire is outside of its proper place, it becomes a problem. It causes damage and needs to be extinguished. At that moment, no one thinks, “I wish I could tame this fire and put it in the right place.” The goal is to get it out. That’s how you feel when you take your GCB, use it in the wrong places with the wrong people, or allow the wrong people to steward it. The problem isn’t that the fire exists; it’s that it’s not in the appropriate position to be optimally utilized.

When you take the time to position your GCB correctly, you attract the right usage, know how to deflect or repel what won’t work, and give yourself a better chance of not burning out and needing to be extinguished.

In terms of branding, positioning is the ability to show and tell your ideal client how, why, when, and where your GCB can be used to create the best results from their interaction with it. If we’re thinking about transformation over transaction, we need to consider how to help the people we are trying to help understand how to get the best from the moment.

For many who are established in offering their GCB, the transaction feels like the real goal, and I’m not just talking about money. A transaction is any value exchange, and for many on the GCB side of things, acceptance and validation are what they’re seeking. I’ve been there. I think we all have. But giving without alignment will leave you empty. Being transactional might have gotten you this far. Frankly, I’m really proud of you for being able to hustle your way to the earnings that you have, but now that you’re in pursuit of a wholehearted, robust, and flourishing existence, it’s time to start thinking a little differently about what you are looking to attract and who you want to and are best suited to serve. When you position yourself properly, you’re creating an aligned transformation that includes reciprocity – the transaction is not at the forefront but is there and worth it.

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